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Rosie and Jim's New Start

Updated: Mar 12

Elaine Knubley was very excited this month when she adopted Rosie (formally Thelma/Jenny) & Jim (formally Hector).

In particular Rosie has come from a very sad background. Rosie was found in poor condition, with her coat heavily infested with parasites, and teeth and hooves showing clear evidence of chronic long-term neglect. In addition, she had serious wounds to her throat and head caused by a halter that had become embedded in her flesh. Once the halter had been removed under anaesthesia, Rosie required extensive veterinary care to recover from the wounds.

These donkeys have come a long way along their journeys in life and I am so grateful that I am able to give them a new start.

I would like to thank 🙏 Lincoln Park & the RSPCA for what they have done to support them in their transition.

I am so happy to be giving them the opportunity for a wonderful life on a beautiful property.

More information on their story can be read here:


(By Elaine Knubley)

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