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Mount Pleasant Show 2021

This year's show was judged by Mike Parker and we had a good turnout of 7 donkeys and a mule. Champion Donkey was Aimee Hay's Willow, Reserve Champion Elspeth Morgan's Melva. Champion Mule was Valmai Nicholson's Kevin.

Champion Performance Donkey was Peggy Moyse's Blithe Moon Winter with Reserve going to Aimee Hay's Willow.

Aimee Hay and Willow

Felix Morgan and Melva

Peggy Moyse and Winter

From left to right: Peter Morgan and Melva, Elspeth Morgan and Myrtle, Lyn Shea holding Robyn Day's Jackson, Valmai Nicholson and Kevin the mule, Evelyn Hay and Willow

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