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Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Maggie came to me with some issues which needed to be solved to make her a safer donkey to handle. Firstly, she didn't like to be tied up. She kicked when you tried to

touch her legs and she would try to bite you.

We have made great progress on these problems and she is starting to understand we don't put up with bad behaviour!

I have had donkeys for nearly forty years and they have never ceased to amaze me. Dear Maggie has always been used to looked after the sheep. Her sole purpose was to

keep foxes and dogs away from sheep. We have no sheep so she looks after the cows and it has taken a long time for the cows to trust her. She recently had a cow with a

bad leg and the cow couldn't walk much but Maggie never left her side. The cow had her calf and Maggie watched over them. We had six calves and Maggie became a nanny

for all of them and even the calves would hang around Maggie.

A few months ago a cow injured her hind leg and we tried to get her better but it was not meant to be, sadly we had to put her down. The night before Maggie stayed with her

and in the morning l fed and watered them. When the time came I had to chase Maggie away from the cow and stood next to her while the cow had to be taken out of the paddock by tractor. I let Maggie go back to the cow before they took her and she stood next to the dead cow while they hooked it to the tractor. Maggie walked all the way with the tractor and cow to the gate. I had to hold Maggie while the tractor went through the gate. She watched the cow get loaded on the trailer and watched the trailer until it was out of sight. She stood there for some time before she went back to the herd. I was amazed how she protected her herd and this particular cow by staying with it to the very end.

She has found her forever home.

(by Valmai Douglass)

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