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Updated: Mar 12

The Donkey and Mule Society of SA endeavours to help donkeys, mules and owners by sharing information and advice on health, nutrition, care and training.

We do this in many ways, including but not limited to:

1. Providing care and welfare advice to Society members and the public (in person, over the phone, via the website, via Facebook and via the newsletter),

2. Working with owners (Society members or members of the public) in rehoming donkeys and mules to suitable homes. This includes assisting in the rescue and rehabilitation of donkeys and mules that have been abandoned or neglected; and

3. Advocating on donkey and mule welfare issues. We can also liaise with the relevant authorities in cases of abuse or neglect and assist with the rescue of donkeys needing care.

If you have a welfare concern please contact us via email to donksocietysa@gmail.com or call our Welfare Officer, Peter Young on 0457 755 574.

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