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Blithe Moon Equinox

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Equinox came to live with Myrtle (& us) last year. She was born at Blithe Moon and was sired by Reebok. She had some great foals, one being Meranti who is a breeding jack at Blithe Moon.

Unfortunately, Equinox lost her last foal. Her drooping belly that you can see in the photograph is because the ligamentous tissue joining abdominal muscles to pelvis pulled apart. We purchased her from Helen but only after Helen had her spayed at Roseworthy to ensure she would never fall pregnant again. She never would have survived a subsequent pregnancy.

Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve last year Equinox became very ill and we had no choice but to put her to sleep. We removed Myrtle when Equinox was put to sleep. Myrtle could not see anything but the exact time of the injection Myrtle brayed until Equinox took her last breath. She was also patted by my daughter while she went to sleep. She was a lovely donkey and has been dearly missed. I would like to thank so many of you from the SA Donkey and Mule Society who supported us as a family with the loss of Equinox. So many comforting words and solutions to problems were shared. Through contacts via Leanne I was able to borrow some companion donkeys and through Evelyn and Helen was able to secure one of Ron’s Flinders Ranges donkeys – Indiana. I look forward to introducing you all to Indiana soon.

Thank you

(by Elspeth Morgan)

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