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Forest Donkey Walk - Nov 2019

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

South Australia

Forest Donkey Walk-16 th November 2019

On the 16th November, we held our annual Donkey Walk in the Forest before our Annual General Meeting.

It was a beautiful walk with new and old friends with our gorgeous donkeys! We couldn't have asked for better weather. Certainly a day good for the soul.

A small but enthusiastic group of people with a love of donkeys, met at Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills for a forest walk. The invite was out for anyone to come along and meet and walk the donkeys. People also had the option to bring along their own donkeys as well.

Robyn and Graham Day came along for the day with their young donkeys, Jackson and Savannah, to join in the adventure! The group met up at Evelyn Hay and Valmai Douglass’ property, Ruby Ridge, at Lenswood. Long-term donkey owners Paul and Kristin Adkins, Robyn and Graham Day, Peter and Liz Shea, and Natalie and Andrew – new to donkeys, joined us for the walk. Tully, Angus, Lily and Clementine were the lucky donkeys that accompanied us on our walk. These four donkeys originally came from the bottom of the Yorke Peninsula, where they were part of a large mob that lived relatively untouched by humans. Jackson and Savannah have a similar background and come from the Flinders Ranges- relatively unhandled youngsters from the bush.

These six donkeys certainly led the way on our walk! Jackson and Savannah were impressive – like they have been doing these walks for years! Angus was the cheeky donkey- showing our novice donkey handlers how they can runaway but not get lost in the forest!

Our walk was short, but the scenery was beautiful. Leaving Ruby Ridge, we followed a little bridle path through the scrub to the top of a hill, that led to a gravel road to Mt Crawford Forest at Cudlee Creek. We entered the forest and walked along a meandering track lined with soft pine needles and loads of pinecones, until we found a break in the fence near a delightful Cellar Door. Evelyn suggested that she should ask the owners to put in a hitching rail for donkeys so future walks could end with a little tasting session of local wines!

We then headed back to Ruby Ridge, once again along the gravel road where we were greeted over the fence by other Ruby Ridge Donkeys. We arrived back all intact, where the donkeys were given the customary treats of carrots and the two-legged walkers shared lunch and participated in the all important Annual General Meeting of the South Australian Donkey and Mule Society.

Thank you to all who attended. It was great to see some new faces and have such a big turnout. Here is to a fabulous year ahead.

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