These books/videos are available for members of the Society to borrow.

If you wish to borrow any titles, please contact the Librarian here and arrange for the items to be brought to the next Committee Meeting or Show.

Other pickup locations can be arranged by negotiation.

Items to be returned by next meeting or other arranged time. 


Horse Control - The Rider  :  Tom Roberts

Horse Control and the Bit  :  Tom Roberts

Horse Control - The Young Horse  :  Tom Roberts

Horse Control Reminiscences  :  Tom Roberts

Training Your Donkey  :  Marjorie Dunkels

A Practical Guide To Handling and Training a Donkey  :  Wendy Mayer

Hints on Driving  :  C Morley Knight

A Guide to Driving Horses  :  Sallie Walrond

Harnessing Up (2 copies)  :  Anne Norris & Nancy Pethick

Donkey Driving (2 copies)  :  Vivienne & Richard Ellis/Joy Claxton

Donkey Training  :  Meredith Hodges

Training Mules and Donkeys (Basic) (VHS)  :  Meredith Hodges

Training Mules and Donkeys (Saddle/Jumping) (VHS)  :  Meredith Hodges


Donkey Business  :  Christine Berry & Jenny Robinson

Donkey Business III  :  Christine Berry & Jo-Anne Kokas

Fitting Tack  :  Jane Holderness-Roddam

Donkeys  :  Robin Borwick

Your Donkey  :  Ruth Harris

The Donkey Owners Guide  :  R S Summerhays

Donkeys Ponies and Mules  :  Ann Walker

Pottie's Horse Dictionary  :  Richard Pottie & Arthur Sternhell


The Donkey Breeders Handbook  :  Ruth Harris

Breeding:  The Jenny and Foal.  Castrating:  The Gelding (VHS)  :  Christine Berry & R Morgan


A Donkey in the Meadow  :  Derek Tangye

The Donkey Drivers  :  Kath Burbidge

Horses, Shoes and Tales  :  David Farmilo

Enamoured of an Ass  :  Stella Walker

Donkey Wrinkles and Tales  :  Marjorie Dunkels

Save the Poitou Donkey  :  M A Philippe

Donkey Work  :  Doreen Tovey

Simpson and Duffy (Young Readers)  :  Mary Small

Donkey Work (VHS)  :  The Donkey Sanctuary, Devon


The Donkey Rustlers  :  Gerald Durrell

The Judas Donkey  :  Errol Broome

The Cloud with the Silver Lining  :  C Everard Palmer

The Small Miracle  :  Paul Gallico

Donkey Derby  :  Lucy Daniels

Popo, The Adventures of a Mexican Donkey  :  W Strieber & F M Rizzotto

Donkey Diaries - Donkey Danger  :  Peter Clover

Donkey Diaries - Donkey Disaster  :  Peter Clover

Special Delivery  :  Gillian Baxter

Darby the Donkey  :  Esta de Fossard

The Table, The Donkey and The Stick  :  Paul Galdone

The Useless Donkeys  :  Lydia Pender

Christmas  :  D Ridyard

Come By Chance  :  Madeleine Winch

Lucie, A Tale of a Donkey  :  Philippe Dumas

Donkey's Glory  :  Nan Goodall

The Sad Little Donkey Finds a Happy Day  :  Susan Chambers

Thelwell's Riding Academy  :  Norman Thelwell

Not Only a Hero  :  Tom Curran